• What is this? I can fly spaceship?!?

    We build a simulation of a sci-fi movie spaceship with a network of touchscreen computers acting as the stations on the bridge.  Your team plays the helm, weapons, science, engineering and comms officers along with the captain flying a spaceship armed with an array of deadly weapons and a warp drive!  There are space stations, invading aliens, space monsters, asteroids and more to test your space combat skills.

  • How many people can play?

    Between 3 and 6 people can play on a single bridge.  We can network together 2 bridges for up to 12 people to play, or build a carrier bridge with 5 fighter bays for up to 11 people.

  • How much space do you need?

    Depending on the size of the tables and chairs, a single six-player bridge can be set up in a space around 3m x 5m

  • How much power do you need?

    Each bridge uses less than 500W, a couple of household outlets is usually enough for a bridge.

  • How long does a game last?

    Depending on your scenario, games can last between 20 minutes and 2 hours