Live out your sci-fi movie fantasies with our spaceship bridge simulators

Spaceship Bridge Simulator

With our interactive, immersive simulators, Untamed Space brings you the opportunity to live out your sci-fi fantasy and become an officer on the bridge of a spaceship. Be a helmsman, weapons officer, chief engineer, science officer, communications officer or if you dare, a captain! Each crewmember operates a computer station in the same physical space so you can feel the tension mount as your mission progresses and see the sweat on your captain's brow.

Play in teams of between 3 and 12 and enter the universe of Untamed Space!

We use the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.  Read more about Artemis in our Cadet Training section.

Our simulators are perfect for events, parties, team building and more.  Fun for kids and adults alike!

With all-touchscreen displays, custom lighting and sound effects, it's an immersive sci-fi experience. 


Want something unique for your convention?  We're a firm favourite!

If you've got the space, we'll fill it with spaceships

Custom Built

Our networks of touchscreen PC's, projectors, lights and soundsystems are custom built to bring you the ultimate movie starship experience

Choice of Ships

From light scoutships to collosal carriers complete with pilotable fighters, choose the right ship for your crew. Play with between 3 and 12 crewmates.

Configurable Games

Choose an exploratory science mission, an all out invasion or any of a range of scenarios to play.  Choose games from 20 minutes to hours in length.

Quick Setup

Our bridges can be set up on-site at your chosen venue in as little as 2 hours and just require a few tables, chairs and power sockets.

Amazing Parties

Unique Celebration

Looking for something different for your next party?  We can transform a room at your home or a local venue into a spaceship or two!  For 3-4 hours we can transport from 4 to 40 guests to outer space to live out a story straight from a sci-fi movie.

Family Fun

Great for ages 9 to 99! Manning a station is easier than using your mobile phone and we have friendly staff on-hand to guide new crews through their first missions.

Family fun for kids and adults alike