The captain has no controls of their own but must make all the major decisions for the ship. You have the most responsibility on the ship but no direct control. You must get the right information from your crew at the right time, and give the right orders to get you through the situations you find yourself in. You must communicate clearly and effectively and the buck stops with you, but you are the BOSS!

To be an effective captain, you need to be able to command your crew! Yours is a leadership role and to get you and your crew through the situations you'll be facing, you'll need to give calm and authoritative instruction and expect unwavering obedience! Keep your communications brief and to the point, demand the same from your crew, keep chitchat to a minimum. Courtesies should be left at the door - there's no room for niceties when you're staring down the barrels of an enemy fleet's beams! You need to project your control of the situation and inspire confidence in your strategy from the crew - a crew that believes in its captain will be quicker to carry out your orders!

As a guide to captains, the following are the various crew members' capabilities and access to information:

Crew member Orders carried out Information available
  • Scan requested enemy
  • Suggest next target
  • Bearings / distance to enemies, anomalies and stations
  • Shield strengths and frequencies of enemies
  • Intelligence on enemy captains
  • Relay orders to friendly ships
  • Request stations build ordnance
  • Request enemy surrender
  • Insult enemy
  • Go to Red Alert
  • Status and stock levels of Stations
  • Incoming messages
  • Load ordnance
  • Target specific enemy
  • Fire weapons
  • Set main screen view
  • Raise shields
  • Set bearing and speed
  • Engage warp / impulse drive
  • Perform manouevres
  • Set main screen view
  • Raise shields
  • Boost power to specific systems
  • Select settings for a given task (e.g. travel, combat)
  • Damage status of ship's systems
  • Energy levels
  • Damage control team casualty status